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VMLogin Anti-Detect Browser for Multi-Account Management

One computer can achieve multiple instances, one browser, one IP. Each browser operates in an independent fingerprint environment, not linking with each other, and supports global website platforms.
  • Simulate browser software and hardware fingerprints.
  • Simultaneously open multiple accounts to prevent linking.
  • Browser data synchronization across regions in the cloud.
  • Support self-configured independent proxies, with IPv6 support.
  • Local REST API browser automation interface.
  • Support secure management of accounts on multiple platforms such as Facebook, TikTok, Amazon, eBay, etc.
VMLogin Anti-Detect Browser achieves account anti-linking for global website platforms
About VMLogin Anti-Detect Browser

Batch Management of Accounts Across Multiple Platforms

By using a virtual browser to alter website tracking fingerprint information, each Anti-Detect Browser can independently modify IP address information and possess unique software and hardware ID configuration codes. This includes modifications to browser fingerprint information such as Canvas canvas, WebGL, WebRTC, UserAgent, fonts, geographic location, language, operating system, MAC address, and more. This ensures true independence of browser fingerprint environments, with 100% secure isolation, guaranteeing secure batch login management for multiple accounts. It supports global website platforms.

Create a New VMLogin Anti-Detect Browser Configuration File
Configure IP Proxy Server for this VMLogin Anti-Detect Browser
Save the newly created browser fingerprint to the browser list
Launch the newly configured browser fingerprint in the browser list

How Does the Anti-Detect Browser Help You?

VMLOGIN Anti-Detect BrowserCore Features

VMLogin Anti-Detect Browser allows for the configuration of independent fingerprint parameters by creating a separate browser environment. This includes settings such as system time zone, default language, UserAgent, fonts, resolution, and more. Additionally, it can modify deeper-level information like WebGL, WebRTC, media device fingerprints, Pepper Flash, and simulate various desktop operating systems and mobile devices. VMLogin Anti-Detect Browser can generate and open multiple anti-linking browsers simultaneously on the same computer, significantly improving the efficiency of managing multiple accounts across various platforms.

VMLogin Anti-Detect Browser manages multiple account openings to prevent association
Account Multi-Opening with Anti-Linking Management

Generate and open multiple anti-linking browsers simultaneously on the same computer. The fingerprint data, cookies, local storage, and other cache files of each super browser are completely isolated. Once generated, the anti-linking browser's fingerprint environment remains unchanged, and closing and reopening it ensures that cached data is never lost.

VM browser simulates browser software and hardware fingerprints
Simulate Browser Software and Hardware Fingerprints

Through virtual browser fingerprint technology, simulate the browser software and hardware fingerprint information of different devices, such as PC computers, mobile phones, etc. Set differentiated login environments for each account to prevent the problem of account linking and potential suspension due to identical browser fingerprints on the same platform.

VMLogin Super Browser operates with an independent IP network for each browser
Independent IP Network for Each Browser

Supports mainstream proxy service providers and various proxy protocols: HTTP/HTTPS/Socks4/Socks5. Each anti-linking browser is individually equipped with a dedicated proxy IP, ensuring the stability of the login region for each account within the Anti-Detect Browser. IP addresses are used to match corresponding country time zones, languages, and latitudes and longitudes.

VMLogin prevents browser correlation for efficient collaboration, ensuring secure account management
Efficient Collaboration, Secure Account Management

The fingerprint environment and account configuration data of each anti-linking browser synchronize in the cloud across different computers. No need for teams to input account passwords; they can log in to websites and complete tasks seamlessly. Support batch import/export of browser plugins, proxy IPs, and cookies. Batch share and transfer Anti-Detect Browser configuration files.

What is a browser fingerprint
They track your internet identity by cross-referencing the software and hardware fingerprints of your browser In any browser, all devices generate non-unique fingerprints Many large websites or advanced tracking service companies possess extensive databases that include various device models
What is a browser fingerprint?

How do websites trackHow do websites track me me?

In any browser, all devices (such as phones, tablets, desktops, laptops, and servers) generate non-unique fingerprints.

Many websites and tracking services possess extensive databases with various device models. They extract users' device fingerprints and compare them with their database to detect forged fingerprints. Once a website confirms an account is used on the same device, it tracks your internet identity by cross-referencing software and hardware fingerprints. Even if you clear cookies, change IP, or use InPrivate mode, if your behavior is deemed inappropriate, there's a risk of being identified and tracked, potentially leading to account suspension.

The main function of VMLogin Anti-Detect browser

VMLogin creates multiple isolated, anti-associated fingerprint browsers on a single computer

The main function of VMLogin fingerprint browser

Prevent linkage among multiple accounts with batch management

Simulating device fingerprints isolates browser data, preventing information leaks between configurations and avoiding account associations. Combining this with a proxy assigns unique IPs to each browser, simulating different regions and enabling a single computer to open multiple anti-associated browsers simultaneously.

Virtual browser software and hardware fingerprint

By simulating hardware fingerprints, including Canvas, operating systems, Navigator, WebRTC, time zone, CPU, memory, browser UA, system fonts, WebGL graphics card, resolution, sound card, latitude, longitude, computer name, and MAC address, it emulates target regions and device features. This facilitates actions such as bulk registration, login, and multi-account usage.

Use VMLogin Anti-Linking Browser for Business

Let's see how it works

Whether at the office, home, or studio, if you have a computer with internet access, you can easily manage all platform accounts through VMLogin Anti-Linking Browser.

The first step to using VMLogin Anti-Linking Browser is to download. Install the client and register your VMLogin account.

You can quickly create an anti-linking browser configuration file based on your needs, or you can fully customize all configuration options.

Now you can easily access websites with multiple identities on a single computer without the need for a virtual machine.

How VMLogin Anti-Detect Browser Works
Which Industries Can VMLogin Anti-Detect Browser Serve?

VMLogin Anti-Detect Browser Covers Various Use Cases to Accelerate Your Growth

VMLogin Anti-Detect Browser for Monetizing Traffic

Monetizing Traffic

Businesses use bulk account operations to diversify risks and increase profits. However, this strategy comes with account risks as many websites prohibit the use of bulk accounts.

VMLogin Anti-Detect Browser for E-commerce Applications


Centrally manage multiple independent business accounts established on e-commerce platform clusters, reducing and preventing the detection and linking of store account information.

VMLogin Anti-Detect Browser for Social Media Marketing Applications

Social Media Marketing

Simultaneously manage work across thousands of social media accounts, leverage your marketing accounts, and conduct matrix operations.

VMLogin Super Browser for Web Scraping

Web Scraping

Simulate various devices for bulk browsing and logging into web pages. Save physical and virtual resources by utilizing Anti-Detect Browser automation instead of local operations.

VMLogin Super Browser for Advertising Campaigns

Ad Placement

Ensure the validity of target market selection and ad placements by simulating users, various devices, and geographic locations, eliminating misleading ad creatives and broken links.

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