Anti-Detect Browser Applications

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Advertising Alliance

Disperse risk by running marketing ads across multiple advertising accounts.


Establish multiple independent business accounts on e-commerce platforms to mitigate risks in online retail.

Web Crawlers

Replace several devices or virtual machines with resource-efficient virtual browser profiles. Utilize ready-made, rapidly-developed browser fingerprint management tools.

Social Media Marketing

Operate simultaneously across thousands of social media accounts. Manage team members' individual access permissions to account groups.

Ad Verification

By simulating users, different devices, and geographic locations, validate the target market selection and placement of ads, eliminating misleading ad creatives and broken links.


Run Selenium tests in a live environment to assess how your website performs under various traffic analysis and filtering system setups. Understand how the website content performs based on the specifics of visitor interactions.

Retail Price Comparison

Retailers adjust product prices based on the visitor's geographical location, device, and browser history using algorithms. Compare prices through a genuine visitor to avoid account blocking or deception.

Ad Probing

Reverse-engineer the user targeting of original ad campaigns by analyzing which social media accounts are running specific ads.

Brand Protection

Check blocked resources in different regions to monitor and prevent any unauthorized use of your brand.

Talent Search

Carefully gather information and establish more efficient connections with job seekers and employers.

News and Investigative Journalism

Journalists can engage with various parties under a disguised identity during investigative periods.

Latest Stable Version - Compatible with 64-bit systems: Win11 / Win10

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